Color Me Crazy! Workshop

Color Me Crazy! Private Sessions is a crash course into the world of acid dyeing and protein fibers. This workshop is for those wanting to learn more about getting that perfect color and repeatable results in your work. If you're new to dyeing or even an advanced dyer this workshop is for you. I have over 5 years of professional dyeing experience and have learned and developed some exciting techniques I want to pass on to you. You're going to learn the rules to break the rules.

The workshop will run a couple of hours and you will learn all the basic foundations for working with acid dyes and protein fibers. Here is a list of topics we'll cover in the workshop:

* Dye Safety
* Materials
* What are acid dyes?
* What are protein fibers?
* How do acid dyes and protein fiber work?
* The key 4 Elements to dyeing.
* Basic Color Theory
* Dye & Color Mixing
* Building a Dyer's Notebook
* Dyeing samples for notebook
* Various Dyeing Methods
* Various Dyeing Applications
* Course closing Q & A

*Full workshop packet with all the workshop information
*Color Wheel (or) color chart
*3 ring binder Dyer's Notebook
*Dyed yarn samples for notebook
*Sample cards
*Full Skeins of yarn for various dyeing techniques

*Comfortable clothing
*Dusk mask or respirator mask
*Pencil, Pen, and Black Marker.

Additional Yarn and Dye kits will be available for purchase to take with you.

Workshop cost is $200 per person

These are the following payment option:
Full price by Paypal/Credit Card or Check
2 Installments of $100 by Paypal/Credit Card or Check

I will invoice you via paypal so an email will need to be provided to receive your invoice. Once registered I will consult with you on a date and time to schedule our session at a local class room.

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